The Blob

If you're into futuristic design don't miss The Blob, which stands for Binary Large OBject. Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas is the genius behind this 25m-high, organically shaped glass and steel structure that was built as the gateway to the Emma District. Its spacious interior was designed by the acclaimed Eindhoven designer Piet Hein Eek and is home to a Sissy-Boy Flagship Store, a department store with lunchroom. Together with bicycle parking The Tube and The Bubble, The Blob forms an urban ensemble on the 18 Septemberplein, which was also designed by Fuksas.

Located on the other side of the square stands The Blob’s little sister known as The Bubble. It consists of a bubble of glass and steel, which was designed by Tarra Architectuur en Stedenbouw. The building serves as the flagship of the Dutch fashion store America Today.