Groendomein Wasven

In the Middle Ages, the landscape of the land that is now part of Groendomein Wasven consisted of shifting sand, heathland and spontaneously grown groves and fens. In the largest fen the sheep were washed, hence te name Wasven (washfen). Most of the fens no longer exist, but some of the old landscape can still be recognised in the western part of the area. There was also a country house with the name ’t Hof. Some people called it a castle, but in reality it wasn’t. It was demolished in 1930 but the garden’s original design is still recognisable. There is also a farm from 1941, founded by Anton Philips. It is now used as a restaurant, bakery, coffee roaster, and education centre. The park and farm are a very nice opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.